Music Fuels Me

On our tenth wedding anniversary, our six year old son officiated a private service in our backyard. We renewed our vows and danced barefoot for hours on the art and book room’s mahogany floor. 

This morning as I scanned through my week it felt like the days rolled from one to another and I wasn’t sure where to start and what to share with you. I got up and took a shower. While brushing my hair, I heard music coming from the record player I gave to hubby for Christmas.

We wake up to music.
This week, hubby and I had to go somewhere early, and we woke to Gregory Porter singing “Hey Laura, It’s Me,” playing on his alarm clock.

We celebrate with music.
On Wednesday, Zuri received a scholarship that will pay for her Doula certification and we danced to Collie Buddz, “I’m Blind to You.”

We dance to music.
We have random dance parties before bed, while someone is making a sandwich, and like this morning when my husband turned up Wizkid featuring Damien Marley singing, “Blessed,” we danced, Jamaican style.

Music moves me from dark places.
After I had my son and postpartum depression pushed me into hole and covered it with a rock, my husband taught me a little song his mother taught him. When I couldn’t push the words out of my mouth, I mulled the words over in my head, “Just a little bit more oil in my lamp, keep me burning.”

Music fuels me.
When I reflect on how dark those days were — and how like a prayer those words were: asking for just a little more oil…
A little more oil —
to drive my daughters to school,
to mix another bottle of milk,
to find strength in my arms to take a shower after a long day.

I celebrate with music.
Several years ago, when I was far from family and friends, I asked those who really wanted to wish me happy birthday to share their favorite songs with me. The links to songs kept coming throughout the day, and I spent my birthday being connected to them through music.

Music is medicine for the bones. So dance.
Music is a gift. So share it.
What are you listening to? I would love to hear it.


Kadine Christie

Click on this link to listen to my favorite song this week.