Bonjour les Amis,

After a long week of traveling— 

A night with my cousin and family in Acworth, Georgia gave birth to new memories: sunset and a chat on the deck,  takeout and red wine, darkness and fireflies blinking between pine trees. 

Zuri created this silly game and they played it for hours. Love listening to them laugh!!

A three-day visit with my sissy and family in New Jersey upheld our promise to unite the cousins as often as possible: they played silly games and pillow fights, drank too much milkshake and boba, and challenged each other during a serious game of Spades.

A postponed flight

two-nights in a hotel 

six hours in a plane

And climbing thirty steps up a tiny spiral staircase (luggage and all) we finally arrived at our Airbnb in Juvisy-sur-Orge— a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. 

Waiting at Newark International Airport
Arrived at in Paris
Waiting for Uber
I meant it when I said, I threw myself in bed.
Behind these doors is a thirty step walk-up with no elevator. Pack light when coming to Paris!
The artwork above our dining table.

I was on the border of hallucinating from exhaustion. I threw myself in bed and stared out at the sapphire skies until I fell asleep. 

Like the people, the birds chattered in a different language, whistling in an unusual yet melodious tune. 

Their songs, along with the morning breeze, stirred me from sleep. 

The perfume of lavender bushes 

and evergreen walls lined the path to the market. 

Fresh Baguette made lunching easy. 
A view from my window. Our neighbor pulled off the table cloth from lunch and the simple gesture made me smile.
I might come back as the scent of lavender in my next lifetime. 

Tomatoes, baguettes, fish, water, wine, and olive oil are all we need for today’s dinner, which brought to mind a Swedish word I learned not too long ago.  Lagom — “just the right amount” or “not too much, not too little.”

On our way back,

I picked a bouquet of yellow wildflowers and placed it in a glass of water. 

Our favorite spot is anywhere we are together. Love this guy.

In the afternoon, 

Hubby and I pulled two chairs by the window and clinked our wine glasses. To a happy life, we cheered. 

As we sipped our rosé

A rain cloud crawled across the sky. 

The sweet breeze turned angry, 

trees moved like waves, and leaves flew like seagulls towards us. 

The rain cloud burst and 

We watched droplets beat against the sunroof. 

Under the passionflower arch.
A boy and his stick. 
Absolute Respite.

The sun returned, 

And at 10:00 pm when it was still bright as day outside, we took a stroll down to Allée

Lucie Rivel.

A staircase waterfall 

An arch lined with passion flowers 

A couple of mallard ducks swimming upstream

And a boy—

My darling son — playing with a stick in the pond.

I must say it was a long and lovely week.