Zoom Out

Lord, you have done so many things!

   You made them all so wisely!

The earth is full of your creations!

And then there’s the sea, wide and deep,

    with its countless creatures—

    living things both small and large.

– Psalm 104:24-25.

Yesterday, on my morning walk, I looked straight ahead, and saw a group of men riding their lawn mowers, cutting their church’s lawn. 

I was struck by their faithfulness to serve.

The day before, I walked along the Bay, and for the first time I looked down and saw a blanket of moss, spreading itself like a plush rug around the root of a tree. 

It was as soft as it seemed. 

A few nights ago, when it wasn’t so muggy outside, we had dinner in our backyard.

We played our version of five-people-volleyball and had a grand time until someone- won’t tell you who- hit the ball over the fence. After our failed attempt at retrieving it, we lingered at the table and listened to music. 

One of my favorite songs came on and I turned the sound up and we had a Christie’s dance party. I didn’t notice the dark creeping in to take over the day, and when I looked up, the stars were having their own dance party in the sky. 

It’s only now as I write this, that I can tell you that this week has been one of my busiest weeks in ministry. It’s been one thing right after the other. I share these snippets of joy with you because: 

I don’t have to tell you the days are long, and dark, and we are all trying to find a little light and joy in our days. 

I want to encourage you today, to ZOOM out. 

To look around at the people who are in this pandemic with you. I want to encourage you to look out at all the people who are serving our communities. And I want to encourage you to look to the One who created our people, the world and the stars. I encourage you to look to the one who sustains us, and loves us through it all. 

We are never alone in our struggles, friends.

 Let Us Pray:

Heavenly Creator, 

Remind us to pause.

To look straight ahead

To look down 

To look up and acknowledge the beauty of your creation in all its complexities. 


Blessed Love,